Synetic Strong

In the last 12 months, Synetic Theater has strengthened our core team considerably to match the word-class art and education programs you have come to expect from us. We now employ 19 full- and part-time staff members, not to mention the scores of artists, technicians, and teaching artists who join our team throughout the season.


Given Synetic Theater and our community’s commitment to ending the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly as possible, we have postponed most public programming for at least the next 8 weeks. This was a difficult, but necessary decision to prioritize the health of our artists and patrons in this difficult time.


While our in-person public programming is on hold, our staff is working diligently from home to keep our behind-the-scenes operations running so that we can reopen as strong as we closed, and we are quickly exploring virtual ways to deliver our signature programs to you, from Synetic Fitness to archival videos of our past award-winning productions to interactive educational programs. We are committed to keeping our world-class team intact and need your help today to ensure this happens.


We are excited to announce today our plan to combat our lost revenue and emerge stronger than ever with:



Synetic Strong is our fundraising campaign to support the theater, and by extension the livelihood of our incredible staff, artists, and technicians, during this crisis.


A coalition comprised of our board and several other generous donors have committed to matching donations to Synetic Strong dollar for dollar up to $150,000, and we will be adding to that group over the next weeks.


We can’t wait to reopen our doors with our next production as soon as this crisis is over. After all, art makes life worth living. We know that everyone has been affected socially and financially, but with your support of Synetic Strong, we will keep the flame alive through this unprecedented world event.

Show off your love of Synetic Theater on your next Zoom call:

We are excited to share the latest phase of the Synetic Strong campaign with exclusive Synetic Merchandise!

We have an array of t-shirts, athletic wear, and hoodies so you can rep your favorite Physical Theater company while contributing to the cause. 50% of every sale will go towards the Synetic Strong Campaign and help keep Synetic going during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Amazing Donors:

(Updated April 10th, 2020)

Stephen Ayraud ⬩ Kyle Z. Bell ⬩ Vibha Bhatia ⬩ Caitlin Blair ⬩ Richard Bowers 

Patrick W. Brown ⬩ Peter & Elizabeth Bruce ⬩ Christine Brzozowski ⬩ Martha Buhler 

Janet Buresh ⬩ Shawn & Gail Cali ⬩ Leigh Carlson ⬩ Timothy J. Carlton ⬩ Tim & Trish Carrico

Nancy Castell ⬩ Kathryn Catania ⬩ Mary Ann Cohen ⬩ Charlotte Constantinides 

Barbara M. Cox ⬩ Kevin Cuddy ⬩ Babita Das ⬩ Diane Dippold MacIntosh

Richard & Diana Dowell ⬩ Karen Elkin ⬩ Pat Esslinger ⬩ Lori Farnsworth & Mark Dyner

Carissa Faroughi ⬩ Mary & John Featherly ⬩ Tracy Fisher ⬩ Karla Fisher ⬩ Geoffrey French

Carol & Jerry Fuller ⬩ Rick Hardy ⬩ Paul Hrynkiewich ⬩ Larisa Glad ⬩ Irina Glagoleva

Amy Glancy ⬩ Lorna Grenadier ⬩ Janet Griffin ⬩ Douglas R. Hale ⬩ Ellen Harpel

Gary & Loretta Harris ⬩ Philippe Hislaire ⬩ Julia Holcomb ⬩ Angela L. Hughes

Marc & March Hutchinson ⬩ Frederick Jones ⬩ Stephanie King ⬩ Judith Klein

The Lahoff Family ⬩ Nancy Landson ⬩ Doughlas Lanier ⬩ Jinann Larson ⬩ Jon Lehman

Ron Lehman ⬩ Katie Linza ⬩ Laura Little ⬩ Bob Lyness ⬩ Alex Maciulaitis & Layla Flack

Andrew Maguire ⬩ Mark Maier ⬩ David & Claire Maklan ⬩ Devra Marcus & Michael Hororwitz

Marina Martin ⬩ Ludmila Matyakhina ⬩ Lou Mazawey ⬩ Kathleen McCloud

Anne & Kevin McCormally ⬩ Sandy McKenzie ⬩ Liz Medaglia & Joe Sinnott ⬩ Ryan Merkel

Bob & Joelen Merkel ⬩ Ina Milton ⬩ Keith & Karina Mosser ⬩ Elaine Muray ⬩ Jason Najjoum

Peat Neal & Carolyn Smith ⬩ Jaclyn Nelson ⬩ Winkle W. Nemeth ⬩ Nicholas Newlin

Jennifer Orr ⬩ Jennifer Paxton ⬩ Sabrina Ann Ragaller ⬩ Brenda Rebert ⬩ Gwendolyn Reece

Lola Reinsch ⬩ Sharon Rennert ⬩ Jamie Rothschild ⬩ Douglas Shaw ⬩ Dan Sherman

Catherine Shoichet & Jonah Bea-Taylor ⬩ Joan & Iriwn Singer ⬩ Corinne Smith

Sandra Spence ⬩ Sarah C. Stella ⬩ Anne Marie Stratos ⬩ Katie Tarkhan

Suzanne Thouvenelle & Dennis Deloria ⬩ Delia Titzell ⬩ John Tolleris

Ann Tunstall & John Hasnas ⬩ Craig Turner ⬩ Tessa van der Willigen & Jonathan Walters

Steve Verna ⬩ Dr. Marsha T. Wallace ⬩ Adrianna Watson ⬩ Katherine White

Robert & Frannie Wolfson ⬩ Elizabeth Wooley ⬩ Susan Yamada ⬩ Nancy Yinger ⬩ Julia Young