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Synetic Theater values innovation and high quality educational programming. With that in mind, this summer Synetic Theater has camps that fit your students needs and interests, regardless of their grade or schedule.

As always, Synetic values student safety above all else and all of our in-person activities follow our COVID safety procedures outlined below. Please let our Camp Director, Ashton Schaffer, know if you have any questions or concerns. He can be reached at ashton(at)

Safety Procedures for in-person camps:

This Summer, we will be adhering to the latest CDC guidelines and recommendations. At this time, we require daily temperature checks, social distancing, and universal masks for students and teaching artists. Students will have assigned workspaces. There will be periodic cleaning of high-traffic areas, daily disinfecting between cohorts, and a deeper cleaning will be performed weekly. Masks can be provided and will be incorporated into the performance! We are happy to discuss our safety procedure in greater detail.

Virtual Summer Camp 2021:

Session 4B / Session 5B

Students who opt for the virtual summer camp experience will still get to work with our talented team of teaching artists to help bring this play to life. 

Using what we learned from last year’s virtual camps, students can expect:

  • Reduced screen time: Students can expect to spend up to 4 hours a day in our virtual summer camp. With 45 minute class times and a host of off screen activities we will strive to make sure campers are not getting screen fatigued. 
  • Camp-In-A-Box: All students taking the virtual summer camp will receive a Camp-In-A-Box complete with all the materials that they will need to be successful for the week. Items include: Performance script, highlighters, some props for the performance, a camp t-shirt, and supplies for our fine arts classes. 
  • A creative performance experience: Students will experience the same script the in-person camps will and will get to work with our experienced teaching staff to transform it for the virtual stage!

Camps for
Young Artists (Grades K – 5)
& Thespians (Grades 6 – 9)

Synetic 1-Week Camp In-Person Session 1 / Session 3

Synetic 1-Week Camp focuses on adaptation, physical acting, and nourishing the imagination. These single-week sessions offer a unique experience for our Young Artists and our Thespians.

Synetic 2-Week Camp Session 2/ Session 4/ Session 5/ Session 6

Students will work on the same acting techniques that have made Synetic DC’s premier physical theater company. The rehearsal and performance process is also enhanced by a visual arts curriculum. Students will have a one-of-a-kind experience while staging a show to be performed in our theater.

This year Synetic will feature TWO complementary performance opportunities depending on which Session you choose. These stories feature some of the same characters and situations, but are told from different perspectives. Each standalone story is a dynamic experience, but students who take both sessions will get a different and complementary experience!

Programs for High School Students:
High School Actors’ Conservatory
& Tech Theatre Intensive

High School Actors’ Conservatory 

Are you a high school student looking to take your acting skills to the next level? This is the perfect opportunity for you!

With the focus on performers, this 3-week conservatory style camp is tailored to the individual’s experience. Students who attend this camp will be given a variety of acting “tools” that they will have at their disposal moving forward. Actors will study and train in the infused theatrical methodologies of Grotowski, Lecoq, Stanislavski, and Chekhov through the Synetic “Body of Mind” style. Actors should be prepared to stretch themselves literally and figuratively as they delve into the work!

This camp will culminate in a performance of a new adaptation of a classic Greek play, selected based on the actors who participate, and will feature a Physical Theater performance with text on Synetic’s Mainstage.

Tech Theater Intensive

Are you a high school student looking to take your tech and design skills to the next level? This 2-week camp is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Synetic Theater has garnered international acclaim with its dynamic and innovative designs. With the focus on design and technology, students who attend this intensive camp will work with industry professionals from a variety of fields, over two weeks. The first week of this camp features masterclasses in different design fields: lighting, sets, costumes, and props. The second week of the camp will focus on designing and teching the High School Conservatory play.

This camp will culminate in a performance of a new adaptation of a classic Greek play, that will be designed and run by our Tech Theater students, on Synetic’s Mainstage.