Summer Camp registration is open for 2020! Synetic Theater specializes in adaptation and ensemble work. We are bringing these same skills we use for our main stage productions to our students! This summer we are offering something for everyone. Choose between our two programs: Synetic Classic (traditional two-week program) and Synetic Remix (NEW one-week program).

Regular Registration (through April 10):
Synetic Remix (ONE week) $375
Synetic Classic (TWO weeks) $725

9am – 3pm
(Session 1 | Session 4 | Session 5)
June 22 – July 3 | Aug 3 – 14 | Aug 17 – 28

Young Artists: grades K-5 | Thespians: grades 6-9

Much like in past years, Synetic will offer a two-week summer camp experience that culminates in an original physical theater musical. This year Synetic will feature THREE different show opportunities depending on which session you sign up for. A Tale of Two Ghostbusters, The Wild and Wacky Wizarding World of Wiley Skylar, and Star Force.

Students will be exposed to the same acting techniques that have made Synetic Metro DC’s premier physical theater company. The rehearsal and performance process is also enhanced by a visual arts curriculum. With a focus on staging a show, performed on our main stage, students will have a one-of-a-kind theater experience. Sign up for one session for a singular experience or sign up for multiple to give a new show experience to your camper each session!

Synetic REMIX
9am – 3pm

Young Artists | Session 2A | Thespians
Grades K-5 | July 6 – 10 | Grades 6-9

Young Artists | Session 2B | Thespians
Grades K-5 | July 13 – 17 | Grades 6-9

Young Artists | Session 3A | Thespians
Grades K-5 | July 20 – 24 | Grades 6-9

Young Artists | Session 3B | Thespians
Grades K-5 | July 27 – 21 | Grades 6-9

Synetic Remix focuses on adaptation, physical acting, and nourishing the imagination. These single week sessions offer a separate topic for our Young Artists (grades K-5) and our Thespians (grades 6-9). In each Synetic Remix session, students will work on mime, clowning, acrobatics, and other fun physical acting techniques to create a world premiere of a new work of theater. Each Session will culminate in a “shareformance” inspired by the theme of the week, built on the input and abilities of the students.

LUNCH package: $75/two weeks, $37.50/one week, $8/day
AM Care: $7/day
PM Care: $25/day


Regular Registration (February 16 – April 10)
Synetic Remix (ONE week) $375
Synetic Classic (TWO weeks) $725

Late Registration (April 11 – August 31)
Synetic Remix (ONE week) $400
Synetic Classic (TWO weeks) $775


Synetic Summer Camp 2020 FULL SESSION DETAILS:
Young Artists: grades K–5
Thespians: grades 6-9

Session 1: June 22 – July 3 | A Tale of Two Ghostbusters
This session’s production will combine the epic stories of Charles Dickens into a ghost-catching comedy! One part spooky, two parts fun, this zany adventure will have students fighting ghosts and audience members fighting back tears…of laughter!

Session 2A: July 6 – July 10 | [Young Artists] It’s a Jungle Out There
The animals in the Jungle are trying to throw the perfect party, but things keep going wrong! Students will use creative movement to portray different animals in hilarious settings.
Session 2A: July 6 – July 10 | [Thespians] Do you Mime?
All the mime’s down in Mimeburg were having a good time. Until one started talking. Combining Improv and Physical Theater students will work on their non-verbal storytelling.

Session 2B: July 13 – July 17 | [Young Artists] Jurassic Park Janitor
See a day in the life of a Jurassic Park Janitor. Dinosaurs and problems abound in this silly comedy. Students will use physical theater to be playful paleontologists and ditzy dinosaurs.
Session 2B: July 13 – July 17 | [Thespians]- Minecraft: Alive!
The world of Minecraft comes alive this week. Students will use their bodies as the building blocks for a whole new world.

Session 3A: July 20 – July 24 | [Young Artists] Animal Tales
It’s time to create a set of modern fables for modern times. Students work on character walks as they explore animal movement and make up new stories.
Session 3A: July 20 – July 24 | [Thespians] Rise of the Villains
You think you have it rough at school? Try dealing with wizards and monsters! Classic villains got to school together and they don’t all get along.  Students will develop new characters as they explore their dark side.

Session 3B: July 27 – July 31 | [Young Artists] Becoming a Pirate
See what it takes to become a Pirate in this silly adventure. Actors will work on their pirate walk, sail the seas, and seek lost treasure!
Session 3B: July 27 – July 31 | [Thespians] Welcome to Clown Town
Things are silly in clown town. But what happens when a new clown shows up, who thinks they aren’t funny? Luckily the rest of the clowns are there to help out! Students will learn the keys to comedy as they develop clown characters.

Session 4: August 3 – August 14 | The Wild and Wacky Wizarding World of Wiley Skylar!
Life at the Warlock Academy for Driggles is rough! If battling hydras, krackens and other beasts weren’t enough of a challenge, Wiley Skylar and friends must compete in the Academy’s Annual Hippogryph Hunting Tournament. But what will Wiley do when friends find out the truth behind the hunt?

Session 5: August 17 – 28 | Star Force
Synetic’s “Star Force” summer camp turns students into a band of intergalactic freedom fighters staging a rebellion to prevent a menacing overlord from hoarding all the resources in the universe. But a young hero will rise to harness the power of the star force, restoring peace, harmony, and justice for all!