Synetic 101
What is physical theater? How can you build walls from thin air and climb mountains that aren’t there, change your age or physical attributes instantly, unlock your body’s full potential as a creative tool, and go forwards and backwards in time? Learn all of these skills and more with an introduction to the processes and styles that make Synetic art with a capital A.

The Rest is Silence
Synetic has achieved international acclaim with its silent Shakespeare series and now shares its innovative methods with you. Students apply Synetic technique to explore the bard’s most famous scenes finding ways to perform these complex actions, characters, and themes without words.

Emotion in Motion
Synetic dance uses natural and spontaneous movements to exhibit the joy, the rage, the madness, the love, the conflicted internal life of a character. Students will be led through a rolodex of warm-ups, coordination, plasticity, and acceleration to unlock deeper more realized expression through dance. These systems may also be applied in the creation of environments, moods and atmospheres in a play.

Stories Alive!
Students explore the three elements of Synetic’s brand of physical theatre: movement, acting, and pantomime. Combining traditional techniques synthesized with Eastern European practices students explore and apply the ways to express character, action, and spectacle in process and performance.

Do you have an upcoming production or showcase? Need some creative help or just a new face to come in and remind everyone that the ensemble is a lively part of every scene? Synetic will send over an accomplished consultant to put that final magic touch on your performance. Previous pairings resulted in a mix-ed up Midsummer, a stop-motion battle with Henry and his band of brothers, and a scintillating salsa between star-crossed lovers. What will you produce?
>This workshop has been performed at several DC area schools including, but not limited to, Falls Church High, Springfield High, Lake Braddock, and The Siena School.

Workshops can run from as short as forty five minutes to as long as two hours, whatever fits your schedule. They are perfect for classes of anywhere from six to sixty students!

For more information and to book a Workshop, please contact our, or by calling 703.824.8060 x102

"Synetic Summer Camp Tech Rehearsal 2015-07-16"