Let us bring our award-winning shows to you! Synetic offers a wide range of touring packages in our mainstage repertoire to fit any venue here in the US or around the world.

        • K-12 Programs and Schools
        • Colleges and Universities
        • Performing Arts Centers
        • Enrichment Programs
        • Community Centers
        • Government Sponsorship


For more information on touring, please contact our Tour Director, Scott Brown at

Past touring engagements include performing in New York City, Philadelphia, a number of colleges, and international tours to the Republic of Georgia as well as Chihuahua and Jaurez in Mexico.


Romeo and Juliet
90 min no intermission / cast size: 12
effects: haze, fog

Love, passion and timelessness are all made stunningly physical in this rendition of Shakespeare’s great romantic tragedy. Set amidst the gears of a great clock, Synetic’s adaptation explores the untimely nature of one of literature’s greatest love stories. The gears of the clock become the world – the church, the balcony and the mausoleum all transform before the eyes. Using shadows, props, mime, dance, sinuous combat and most of all, passionate acting, Romeo and Juliet is a heart stopping thrill to experience.

a production that, owing to its sophisticated melding of sensuality, musicality and storytelling, lifts the company to another magnitude of accomplishment.” – The Washington Post

90 min no intermission / cast size: 6
effects: haze, fog, strobe

Synetic’s adaptation of Cyrano earned them an astounding 9 Helen Hayes nominations. A brilliant poet and soldier, Cyrano de Bergerac apparently has it all – except the confidence to win the heart of his beloved Roxane. Lacking traditional good looks and the ability to truly “fit in”, Cyrano partners with his handsome friend Christian, also in love with Roxane but lacking Cyrano’s way with words. Together, the two make a formidable suitor as Cyrano expresses his true feelings for Roxane in the only way he feels he can – through love letters apparently written by Christian. Synetic Theater applies their unique physical storytelling – and a stylistic twist – to this commedia-inspired wordless adaptation of Cyrano.

“ . . . a wonderful world of pantomime and harlequin.” – Broadway World


Hamlet . . . the rest is silence
90 min no intermission / cast size: 11
effects: haze, fog

In 2002, Synetic Theater appeared on the Washington, DC theater scene with Hamlet . . . the rest is silence, a production which garnered international attention as well as three top Helen Hayes Awards: Outstanding Director, Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Resident Play. This stark, brooding and often grotesquely humorous production brings the Prince of Denmark to life. Featuring remarkable mime and impressionistic choreography, scenes such as the drowning of Ophelia and the famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy are manifested using nothing by the bodies of the Synetic ensemble, minimalistic set and costumes, and a resounding musical score.

. . . a certain company by the name of Synetic has raised the bar.” –

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
90 min no intermission / cast size: 16
effects: haze, fog

Synetic enters the magical world on the wooded outskirts of Shakespeare’s Athens with a joyous, energetic and delightfully sexy adaptation of one of the Bard’s most renowned comedies – a fantastical, darkly playful game of love, mistaken identity and the supernatural. A Midsummer Night’s Dream features ethereal choreography, slapstick humor, colorful supernatural beings (and the divine tumbling bouts between them), all set to original music that swings from the otherworldly to ragtime comedy.

Against the odds – without words, in a play that’s every bit as much about word-play as about wonder – the magic-makers at Synetic Theater have managed to make them every bit the laugh-riot they deserve to be.” – Washington City Paper