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Synetic Theater’s 2023-2024 season features fan favorites, heart-rending silent storytelling, a new production, and one large-nosed lover. Tickets are on sale now for all performances. Choose from individual performances, or choose four or more performances and save with a season subscription.

In the heart of Verona, two young lovers find themselves caught in the middle of a violent family feud. Destined for a tragic end, the pair race against time itself to escape their fate. Synetic’s Romeo and Juliet reimagines Shakespeare’s ultimate tale of love and tragedy in an unforgettable, wordless production.

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Tickets are on sale now!

The Golden Fish

December 8 - January 7

When a humble fisherman discovers a wish-granting fish at sea, his wife convinces him to capture the magical creature and grant her every desire. With stunning visuals and imaginative storytelling, The Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish takes audiences of all ages on a journey of greed, love, and magic.

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The Tell-Tale Heart

September 29 – November 5

Step into the eerie world of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, where madness takes hold and the boundaries of sanity blur. In this twisted tale, an eccentric old man and his caretaker embark on a lethal dance that spirals into madness and murder. With dark humor and a haunting atmosphere, Synetic invites you to question: who is the crazy one?

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Cyrano has a larger-than-life personality….and a nose to match. He’s a man who has it all–except for the confidence to win the heart of his beloved Roxanne. This timeless tale features mistaken identities, breath-taking sword fights, unrequited love and acts of heroism – all expressed through Synetic’s signature silent style, with a commedia dell’arte twist, in a production that earned an astounding nine Helen Hayes nominations. NOTE: Performances from July 14 through July 23 were canceled due to unanticipated but necessary repairs within the facility. 

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