December 8 - January 7

When a kind, poor fisherman discovers a wish-granting fish, he selflessly releases the creature back into the ocean. While content with his simple life, his wife’s extravagant desires soon drive him to re-capture the magical fish and make her dreams a reality– but not without cost.

Based on Alexander Pushkin’s tale, The Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish weaves together themes of greed, love, and selflessness, told through Synetic’s striking imagery and expressive movement.


Maryam Najafzada

Golden Fish

Irakli Kavsadze

Old Man

Kaitlyn Shifflett


Joshua Cole Lucas


Alex Mills


Lev Beliopetski


Hannah Chester


Natan-Maël Gray


Creative Team

Finlay Kuester

Stage Manager

Phil Charlwood

Scenic Designer/Technical Director

Brandon Cook

Sound Engineer

Evgenia L Salazar

Costume Designer

Alex Keen

Master Electrician

Hailey LaRoe

Co-Lighting Designer

Dominic DeSalvio

Co-Lighting Designer

Joshua Stout

Assistant Stage Manager/Wardrobe

Alexa Duimstra

Associate Costume Designer