Synetic Streaming FAQ


Q. How can I view Synetic Streaming content?

A. Synetic Streaming is available to view online at our Synetic Streaming website (Coming Soon!) or via one of our smart-tv apps!

Q. Which platforms will have apps?

A. You will be able to find the Synetic Streaming App on your Apple TV or Roku device.*

Q. How can I purchase tickets?

A. You can purchase bundles of content or individual offerings either online on the Synetic Streaming website or within the Synetic Streaming App on Apple TV or Roku.

Q. If I’m already a Synetic subscriber or Flex Pass holder, how do I get access to Synetic Streaming?

A. We will be creating Synetic Streaming accounts for each of our Flex Pass and 2020/21 All-Access pass holders so you will be able to view our Synetic Motion Picture bundles at no additional cost through August of 2021! We will be reaching out to each subscriber and Flex Pass holder with their Synetic Streaming account information closer to the platform launch date. 

Q. When will the platform become available?

A. Our website and exclusive Synetic Streaming content will be available starting on February 5th. Our Apple TV and Roku apps will be available shortly after. 

Q. Who can I contact with more questions or troubleshooting?

A. Reach out to our Audience Services team at

*Apps are not yet available.