Synetic Motion Pictures

Synetic Theater is pleased to announce the launch of SYNETIC MOTION PICTURES, a new programming arm dedicated to creating art films in the Synetic style by Synetic artists. This exciting new endeavor is the realization of a long-held vision of Synetic Theater founders Paata & Irina Tsikurishvili to lean into their cinematic roots and expand the “Synetic” approach to motion pictures.

Coming to a screen near you February 2021:

All the World’s a Stage

Long time Syneticon Scott Brown takes a moment from his performance in Synetic’s As You Like It and evolves the artistry to tell the story of life from one of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches.

This film will be presented on Synetic’s new dedicated streaming platform!

Watch the trailer:

In Development:

Lady M

Tolentino Visuals, a multimedia enterprise conceived and managed by Syneticons Dallas and Tori Tolentino, revise the classical tale MacBeth, exploring the themes of power, revenge, and the after effects of war through the eyes of Lady Macbeth.

Beach Dogs

Director and writer Ben Cunis stars in a rousing comedy about a man and his invisible dog, with perfect pantomime and a lot of personality.