Get your students out of the house and safely interacting with other students! SchoolCare is now enrolling!

With many Virginia schools featuring virtual or hybrid formats, there is a continuing need in our community for reliable, safe, fun, and engaging childcare options during virtual school hours. We’ve listened to your needs creating a new program called Synetic SchoolCare, where students in grades K-8 can receive in-person supervision and enrichment from Synetic teaching artists during their virtual school hours.

With an emphasis on safety and support and a healthy dash of fun, our goal is to continue a routine for our students, while also giving them an opportunity to move, socialize, and play. During virtual school hours, Synetic teaching artists will provide technical support and basic scholastic assistance. When students are not logged in for virtual school, Synetic teaching artists will get students up and moving, engaging them in socially-distant theater games and art activities. These activities are designed to build community, nourish imagination, and assist in social-emotional growth!

How does it work?
Students can participate in our week long group or either of our 3-day Hybrid Groups. The program features technical and educational assistance for students, weekly projects and activites designed to get students up and moving!

Contact Ashton Schaffer with any questions:

What are the safety procedures?
– Required daily temperature checks
– Social distancing
– Mandatory masks for students and teaching artists (masks will be provided if needed!)

Students will have assigned workspaces for school and there will be periodic cleaning of high-traffic areas, daily disinfecting between cohorts, and a deeper cleaning will be performed weekly.

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What Parents and Students are saying:

“You really made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”
–  Synetic SchoolCare Parent

“I love getting out of the house and seeing other people”
– SchoolCare Student

“My favorite thing is playing games and staying active”
– SchoolCare Student

“I love that my students have somewhere they can go during the day and I know they will be safe and get the support they need”
– SchoolCare Parent

The best part about SchoolCare is learning new games and seeing my friends – IN PERSON!”
– SchoolCare Student