Physical Theatre:
Moving Through Curriculum!

Physical Theatre: Moving Through Curriculum introduces educators to various theatrical methods including viewpoints and staging to approach creative thinking, conflict identification, and resolution creation (“somebody wants but so”). Educators explore how to identify and physicalize character traits, points of view, and story structure through utilizing the fundamental elements of physical theatre: imagination, body, emotion, and focus.

The tools of this workshop aid any language arts curriculum and require students to exercise minds and bodies through kinesthetic learning.

>This workshop is led by Senior Synetic Company Member, Tori Bertocci.
>>This workshop is perfect for grades K through 12, and can be modified for a 90 minute or full day workshop.
>>>Curriculum Connection: Reading/English Language Arts

For more information and to book a this professional development workshop, please contact our Education and Outreach Manager Tori Bertocci at or by calling 703.824.8060 x102

"2015 Synetic Summer Camp"