We’ve taken the last year to re-evaluate how Synetic interacts with our audience and we’ve found that a more holistic way to engage our patrons is with a Membership as opposed to a Subscription. Whereas a Subscription ties you to certain shows and performances purchased well in advance, a membership allows you to see the shows you want when you want at a discounted price. Moreover, it gives you a similar discounts on concessions, merchandise, streaming, camps, class, and other programming we have yet to cook up! This year we will not be offering subscriptions and only offering memberships.

Think of it like squares and rectangles. All memberships are donations, but not all donations are memberships. Memberships are classified as charitable donations which makes them tax deductible* minus their fair market value.

*Please consult a licensed tax professional for guidance on charitable donations and deductions.

Please do! Memberships are a special kind of donation that carry benefits, but Synetic still relies on donations from generous people like you outside of memberships! If you are interested in making a donation in addition to your membership or would prefer to only make traditional donations, click here.

Once a Membership is purchased and you have received an email confirming that purchase, discounts on tickets will be automatically applied to your cart during future check-outs. It is important that if you plan to buy tickets and a Membership on the same day that you purchase a Membership as a separate transaction first. Then log-in following the instructions in your confirmation email and add the desired tickets to your cart. This will ensure that your discount is applied correctly. If you prefer, a member of the Box Office staff can assist you over the phone.

Other benefits like discounts on concessions, camps and classes may require a discount code that will be sent via email to members. As always, Synetic’s staff is here to assist you. Please email boxoffice@synetictheater.org with any questions or concerns regarding your Membership.