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Interview with Corinne Soum and Steven Wasson, Theatre de l’Ange Fou

Doing it Backwards: Physical Ensemble in a Smaller Community
Colin Bruce offers his presentation Doing it Backwards: Physical Ensemble in a Smaller Community. This powerpoint presentation is an administrative look at company structure advantages and disadvantages for physical theaters.

The Power of the Reach
Physical Theater Workshop with Ryan Jones Talmadge / Anne-Marie Talmadge

Collaboration and Invention with Scenic Designer Daniel Pinha

Industry Panel: Multimedia – Theatre of Tomorrow
A panel discussion of creative leaders on creating dimensionality through multimedia and progressing theater styles to incorporate technology.
with moderator Patrick W. Lord and panelists Dan Hasse (American Shakespeare Center), Sandro Kereselidze (Artechouse), Jared Mezzocchi (University of Maryland), Natsu Onoda Power, and Reid Farrington.

4:30 – 5:30pm
Intro To The Brahe Mask Method with Max Beckman
Meeting ID: 837 2692 2850 Password: 348596
Exploring the actor’s imagination through movement and sound.

6 – 7pm
Synetic Fitness and Technique with Alex Mills
Meeting ID: 893 5329 6731 Password: 258264


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