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Letter from Suzuki Tadashi
From Toga, Japan comes a personal note from Suzuki Tadashi to the artists of this global ensemble.

PANEL: ReMastering Technique
A panel discussion of creative leaders who honor and derive from well established or traditional movement theater techniques. With moderator Dylan Arredondo and panelists Becky Baumwoll (Broken Box Mime Theater), Francesca Chilcote (Faction of Fools), Dody DiSanto (Center for Movement Theatre), and Joan Schirle (Dell’Arte).

Prop-rioception with Havoc Movement Company PASSWORD: madloba
In this workshop, explore the idea of ‘Prop-rioception’ and heighten your object manipulation through puppetry techniques with stage combat basics!

The Set as a Gymnasium with TD and Scenic Designer Phil Charlwood
Technical Director and Scenic Designer Phil Charlwood talks moving sets vs dynamic sets, hidden handholds, and keeping performers safe while giving them a world in which to play.

4:30 – 5:30pm
Lab: Embodied Ensemble Praxis: Circle Discussion with Movement, with Thom Pasculli
Meeting ID: 815 4702 8569 Password: 961747

6 – 7pm
Synetic Fitness
Meeting ID: 867 1780 6627 Password: jQeuSX66B0

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