December 6, 2012 – January 6, 2013

Production photos by Johnny Shryock.

Directed, Written, and Illustrated by Natsu Onoda Power
Projection Design by Jared Mezzocchi

From one of DC’s most inventive theater artists, Natsu Onoda Power, this whimsical, original piece—based on the 1902 silent film by Georges Méliès—will delight and inspire. Astronauts shot to the moon by cannon, a princess who longs to return to her home on the moon, the Soviet space dogs, and more fantastical characters take you along on their journeys and capture your heart.

“Onoda Power is being celebrated for her collaborative, creative process, her exuberant drive and her brilliant devising of new ways to experience theater.” – DC Theatre Scene

Onoda Power’s previous work includes Studio Theatre’s acclaimed production Astro Boy and the God of Comics, which she brought to life last spring with on-stage drawing, flashy projections and through-the-roof energy.

Special Events
Wednesday, December 5, 8pm
– $10 Preview Performance; Advance ticket purchase available and recommended

Wednesday, December 12, 8pm – Young Professionals’ Night: $10 tickets available for adults age 35 and under
Friday, December 14, 8pm – ASL signed performance

Preview from The Washington Post, Lavanya Ramanathan

Review, DC Metro Theater Arts, Jane Coyne
“An evening of pure and light-hearted fun…”
“Natsu Onoda Power’s visual effects are simply stunning…”

Review, Broadway World, Jennifer Perry
“The creativity at work is undeniable.”
“It certainly entertains and pushes boundaries.”

Review, MD Theatre Guide, Robert Michael Oliver
“…the eccentric passion of this theatre artist [Onoda Power] and her vision of a world that’s lost its moon could not have shined more robustly.”
“…there were moments of visual hilarity and splendor throughout.”

Review, DC Theatre Scene, Tim Treanor
“We see Méliès’ film reenacted with live actors interacting with an animated background which is at once cartoonish and so realistic and so well coordinated with the actors that it seems alive, too.”
“…imagination, innovation, craft, creativity…”

Review, Washingtonian-After Hours, Gwendolyn Purdom
“NASA may have abandoned its manned lunar mission and our wide-eyed Space Age optimism may have dimmed, but it’s nice to know artists like Power and Synetic’s team are still aiming for the stars.”
“…the notions behind it are so damn interesting…it’s bold, original, and fun…”
Colin Analco
Ben Arden
Victoria Bertocci
Katrina Clark
Zana Gankhuyag
Pasquale Guiducci
Francesca Jandasek
Karen O’Connell
Renata Veberyte Loman
Narrator/Voiceover: Guy Spielmann

Director, Writer, Illustrator: Natsu Onoda Power
Choreographer: Irina Tsikurishvili
Projection Design: Jared Mezzocchi
Set Design: Giorgos Tsappas
Costume Design: Kendra Rai
Lighting Design: Andrew F. Griffin
Composer: Konstantine Lortkipanidze
Props Design: Suzanne Maloney

Production Manager: Amy Kellett
Stage Manager: Marley Monk
Assistant Lighting Design: Brittany Diliberto
Master Electrician: Aaron Waxman
Costume Staff: Corey Searles
Scenic Painter: Daina Cramer
Technical Director: Jason Krznarich
Lead Carpenter: Nathan Kurtz
Technical Advisor: Phil Charlwood
Sound Engineer: Thomas Sowers