Synetic Theater has been taking time to reflect on how we can thoughtfully address the current events in our country and the chronic systemic racism that caused them to happen, and to figure out how to respond collectively in both words and action. But silence is complicity, and we cannot stay silent any longer.

We support the Black Lives Matter movement and mourn the loss of countless black lives to police brutality and systemic racism that has plagued this country for the last 400 years. We also recognize that as a theater we should use our platform to tell stories that represent diverse communities, magnify underrepresented voices, and expand the worldview of our audiences.
As an organization founded by immigrants fleeing state-sponsored violence, resisting the status quo and paving a new path forward is in our DNA – as is being a home for an internationally diverse staff and company of artists.

However, the work does not end here. We know we can do better in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and social justice in our organizational culture and our programmatic work, particularly for historically oppressed American minorities. We vow to be better and more vigilant in this regard, and that work continues in earnest now.

Today and for the foreseeable future, we will take breaks from our regularly scheduled work to further reflect internally, listen to each other and our constituencies, and take anti-racist/anti-oppressive action to make our organization and the communities we live in and serve safe for all.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to find their own way to help now, such as:
  1. Self-educate about racism and your social location.
  2. Sign petitions.
  3. Donate to the organizations such as Minnesota Freedom FundBlack Visions Collective, and Black Lives Matter DC.
  4. Protest.
  5. Offer safe rides home to protesters.
  6. Support your neighbors and invest in your neighborhoods through mutual aid organizations.