THREE all-new, movement-driven adaptations of classic works!

As Synetic Theater prepares to enter its third decade as Washington, DC’s premier physical theater company, we’re also undergoing a period of exciting transition and renewal as we get ready to celebrate our landmark 20th season. We’re thrilled to be a part of Crystal City’s redevelopment and revitalization, as our lease on our theater space has been renewed for a further three years, allowing us to bring you another series of bold adaptations of world-renowned classics.

Your three-show EXPLORER subscription includes Phantom of the Opera plus our remaining two shows of the 2019/20 Season for just $99:


We open the new year with the iconic horror-romance of Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera and an adaptation of de la Barca’s Life is a Dream, possibly the greatest example of Spanish Golden Age drama. The season will conclude with a stage version of the action-comedy The Servant of Two Masters, featuring the epic cinematic effects and breathtaking physicality you’ve come to expect from Synetic Theater.

Our 2019-2020 season promises to be one of our greatest ever, so come join us for another season of magic, adventure, horror, and fantasy, brought to you as only Synetic can!

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Learn more about our visceral, visual 19th Season…

The Tempest

A Splashy Remount of a Synetic Smash
Sept 25 – Oct 20, 2019

Synetic’s legendary, cinematic adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest returns – with the famed water-filled stage and visual poetry that made the original production an unforgettable sensation when it premiered in 2013- plus a new twist as Synetic co-founder Irina Tsikurishvili steps into the role of “Prospera.”

When the magical and powerful Prospera creates a sea storm, she gets more than she bargained for as romantic drama, deception, and quests for vengeance emerge from the depths. Spirits, monsters, witches, drunken fools, and lithe lovers contort and cavort with passion and bravado in one of Shakespeare’s most high-stakes and irreverent comedies.

Snow Queen

America’s New Favorite Princess
Dec 4 – Dec 29, 2019

Just in time for the holidays, Synetic presents a whimsical, family-friendly adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s beloved fairy tale, The Snow Queen. Join Gerda, a little girl with gumption, a magic mirror, and a quest to save her best friend, as she sets out on a life-changing journey that takes her over mountains and across distant lands to the Snow Kingdom. Once there, she harnesses her inner-strength and wit to defeat the coldest threat of all.

Directed by Ryan Sellers and adapted by Emily Whitworth, Synetic Theater’s striking visuals and movement-driven storytelling will make this stunning adventure a compelling holiday entertainment option for the whole family.

Phantom of the Opera

The Tsikurishvilis’ Take on a Gothic Classic
Feb 5 – 29, 2020

Gaston Leroux’s timeless supernatural classic gets a fresh update as Irina Tsikurishvili brings her captivating presence and virtuosic skill sets to the title character of The Phantom of the Opera in this all-new, movement-driven adaptation.

When tragedy strikes, a talented but now scarred ballerina takes refuge deep beneath the Paris Opera House. Years later, she becomes enraptured with the ingenue Christine in the corp de ballet. Known only as the Phantom, she terrorizes the opera house and manipulates Christine, cultivating her talent and demanding she be cast in more prominent roles. Synetic’s adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera will honor the pathos and beauty of this classic French tale while examining longing, legacy, and the tragedy of unrealized dreams.

Life is a Dream

A Gritty Adaptation of Calderon’s Masterpiece
April 22 – May 17, 2020

Through a surreal and stark lens, Synetic engages this Spanish Golden Age classic as old betrayals cross borders in a Latinx, movement-driven drama that explores what is truth, what is a dream, and what one will do to make their truth everyone’s reality. When power is king, will only the ruthless be left to rule?

Prince Segismundo has been imprisoned in a tower by his father, the King, who believes the prophecy that says his son will kill him. When the King tests Segismundo by releasing him for one day, chance-meetings, old betrayals and family drama intercede to challenge ideas of free-will, fate and honor.

The Servant of Two Masters

A Madcap Farce of Mishaps, Mixups, and Mistaken identity.
June 17 – July 12, 2020

Fresh off his directorial debut with our 2019 hit romantic comedy Cyrano de Bergerac, Vato Tsikurishvili reimagines Carlo Goldoni’s commedia dell’arte masterpiece, The Servant of Two Masters with the signature physicality Synetic is known for.

When Beatrice and Florindo’s love is thwarted by fate, they are separated. Disguised as her dead brother, Beatrice travels to Venice to collect the dowry promised to him by his fiance, as Florindo searches for Beatrice through the city. Complications arise when the servant Truffaldino greedily seeks employment with both the disguised Beatrice and Florindo, trying to line his pockets by serving both at once while keeping the two unaware of the other’s presence. Take a break from life’s stresses with this summertime madcap farce!

You may also email, or call the Subscription Hotline at 703-824-8060 ext 117 for assistance.