Choose Your Residency!

Fables in Movement

In this theater residency, students explore the three elements of Synetic Theater’s style of physical theatre: movement, acting, and pantomime. Following a workshop in each discipline, students will work in groups to choreograph selected fables.

Bringing Your Studies to Life

In this theater residency, multicultural studies come to life as Synetic actors help students tackle and explore a subject by creating a theatre scene about it. Students use the fundamentals of theatre: movement, simple classroom props, and their own imaginations to bring their studies to life!

Leap Into Imagination!

Students explore the signature movement style of Synetic Theater in a versatile custom designed theater residency that suits your students’ learning. Synetic offers a unique and cross-cultural type of theater that incorporates dance, body awareness, storytelling, music and mime. At the end of the residency students come away with a presentation that exemplifies the discipline, dedication, body control and creativity they have gained through the project that stays with them throughout their lives.

Residencies are tailored to your needs but usually include:

  • A kick-off assembly of one of our Touring Shows: “The Music Box” or “The Miraculous Magical Balloon”
  • A required orientation meeting and planning session
  • A set of workshops for classes of up to 30 students
  • A student culminating or sharing event
  • An evaluation meeting

For more information and to book a Touring Show, please contact our Education Director Hester Kamin,, or by calling 703.824.8060 x102