Madloba Panels


Tuesday, May 26

Body Mechanics Warm Up, with Anne Flowers
Follow along as Anne Flowers leads you through how she, as a physical theatre actor, stretches from head to toe while waking up and priming the body for effective movement technique.

Introduction to Grotowski, with Malena Pennycook

PANEL: Innovation and Fusion
A panel discussion of creative leaders who have created new styles or merged technique influences into a new style.
with moderator Doug Oliphant and panelists Sabrina Mandell (Happenstance Theater), John Farmanesh-Bocca (Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Enesemble), Joseph Bakuradze, Elena Velasco (Convergence Theatre), and John DiDonna (Phantasmagoria).

PANEL: Designers in Conversation
A panel of artist/designers discuss how to create and why. Artist and innovator, Andrew Schneider offers an open-source collaborative document which he hopes artists will modify, contribute to, and hone.
with Andrew Schneider, Patrick W. Lord and Adam Honoré.

Wednesday, May 27

Letter from Suzuki Tadashi
From Toga Japan comes a personal note from Suzuki Tadashi to the artists of this global ensemble.

Introduction to Kathak Dance and History with Shubhangi Kuchibhotla
Learn about Kathak, one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance. 

PANEL: ReMastering Technique
A panel discussion of creative leaders who honor and derive from well established or traditional movement theater techniques.
with moderator Dylan Arredondo and panelists Becky Baumwoll (Broken Box Mime Theater), Francesca Chilcote (Faction of Fools), Dody DiSanto (Center for Movement Theatre), and Joan Schirle (Dell’Arte).

Thursday, May 28

PANEL: Physicality as a Universal Language
A panel discussion of creative leaders on how physical theater translates around the world.
with moderator Rebecca Ritzel and panelists Mark Jaster (Happenstance Theatre), Michael Fields (Dell’Arte), Thom Pasculli (Walkabout Theater Company), and Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili (Synetic Theater).

Friday, May 29

Interview with Corinne Wasson, Theatre de l’Ange Fou

Chain Letter examples and instruction

PANEL: Multimedia – Theater of Tomorrow:
A panel discussion of creative leaders on creating dimensionality through multimedia and progressing theater styles to incorporate technology.
with moderator Patrick W. Lord and panelists Dan Hasse (American Shakespeare Center), Sandro Kereselidze (Artechouse), Jared Mezzocchi (University of Maryland), Natsu Onoda Power, and Reid Farrington.