NEW FOR 2020!

This year we are presenting the games and theater activities that our students love, with a slight twist! Each Saturday Morning Class will have a Theme/Focus. All the games and activities will be geared around this theme. And each class will culminate with a “shareformance” for friends and families so our students can showcase the skills and abilities they have learned!

Synetic Studio’s Kids Program is all about action! Active imaginations, active bodies, and active kids! Our signature style of physical theatre blends gymnastics, dance, improvisation, mime, and acting into a one of a kind learning experience that engages students verbally, physically, visually, and intellectually. Students learn to create something out of nothing and in a collaborative, inclusive, encouraging environment.

Research shows that education in the arts develops critical thinking skills, offers important lessons in team work and collaboration, helps students to understand themselves and others better, and builds confidence by developing new skills while providing students with the tools necessary to better express their own ideas. Theatre arts education helps students discover new ways of creating associations to school subjects and improves their ability to retain and apprehend knowledge.

We also offer Summer Camps for Kids and Teens! Click here for more info!



Synetic’s Teen Company is a year-round training program dedicated to developing the next generation of athletic performers.

Teen Company members gain confidence, discipline, and the responsibility to challenge themselves and their peers. Artists’ study and train in the infused theatrical methodologies of Growtowski, Lecoq, Stanislavski, and Chekhov through the Synetic-style. The teen cast work closely with Irina Tsikurishvili and other artistic professionals.

By early-April, the teen ensemble has a fully staged, full-length production, to go along with an experience of a lifetime. Past teen program alumni have gone on to star in main stage productions here at Synetic, and in professional theatre, television, and films around the world!

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Spring 2020 Class Registration Now Open
Saturdays, April 25 – June 13



Elementary Acting: Princesses and Pirates!
grade level k-5
Elementary school students will play games, use their imaginations, and learn physical theater techniques in order to create a magical world of royalties and bandits.




Middle School Foundations…May the Force be with You!
grade level 6-8
Students will work on their physical acting pantomime skills and learn stage combat and how to use a laser sword safety. There may even be a space battle or two.




Teen Acting: Acrobatics and Stage Combat
grade level 8-12
This class will focus on tumbling, acrobatics, unarmed and sword driven stage combat all delivered with a focus on safety.


All Classes culminate in a “shareformance” for friends and family.