Birthday Parties


Add some theatricality to your next birthday party by celebrating with Synetic at Studio Violet. You can choose from five different packages that include workshops taught by our industry professionals, and performances of our beloved outreach shows Music Box or Magic Balloon.

Party + Workshop = $350

Party + Performance (Magic Balloon) = $580

Party + Performance (Music Box) = $660

Party + Workshop + Performance (Magic Balloon/2 actors) = $680

Party + Workshop + Performance (Music Box/3 actors) = $760

*Cost includes space Rental, $230

Click the links to see performances of “The Music Box” and “The Miraculous Magic Balloon” at The Kennedy Center.


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Upcoming Dates Available for Birthday Parties at Synetic Studio  Parents who want to reserve the rental with a one hundred dollar deposit must contact the Education and Outreach Manager directly in order to process their request. Call 703-824-8060 x102 or email


Music Box A wonderful collection of comedic vignettes set to music: an average day becomes extraordinary when a surly janitor and an uptight businessman discover a magical mask, two cowboys in the wild west tame a bull on the loose, two road workers try to catch a butterfly in an attempt to capture the heart of a girl, and the classic invisible wall. Students are introduced to the art of storytelling without words through pantomime, imagination, illusions, and physical comedy.


Magic Balloon A series of hilarious pantomime sketches synthesizing music, ballet, clowning, and audience participation. Students will discover the art of acting without words, opening the door to their imaginations. Expressed through body and facial masks, pantomime illusions, and unique choreography, ‘Balloon’ tells a wonderful story of a traveling actor and his magical trunk of tricks and toys.

Workshops Workshops can be customized to fit your group’s particular interests, but generally include physical theatre games that teach skills in pantomime, mask, and clown as well as ensemble games, birthday dances, and costumed role-playing.