Our Donors


The following list acknowledges the generous gifts received between October 1, 2015 and November 10, 2016 from our individual, government and institutional donors. 


The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Sue Carlton
Fenner A. Milton
Ina Milton
The Share Fund
The Virginia Commission for the Arts

The Arlington Commission for the Arts
Peter and Leslie Berk
Timothy Carlton and Jill Walling
Jim Coakley
Allison and Mark Foster-Ruckh
Amnon and Sue Golan
Rick and Vicky Hardy
Hanna and Michael Haskett
Julianna Mahley
Lola Reinsch
Jeffrey Schragg and Mary Jo George
The Shubert Foundation
The Washington Forrest Foundation

Dennis Deloria and Suzanne Thouvenelle
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Claire and David Maklan
The Prince Charitable Trust
Blair and Sally Ruble

Linda Bartash and Cecil Thompson
The Dallas Morse Coors Foundation
Jonathan and Tracey Goldberger
John and Meg Hauge
Ryan Merkel
Carl and Margaret Pfeiffer
Michael Kohn and Ana Maria Ramos-Kohn
Cynthia Wolloch and Joseph Reid
Ron and Mary Steele
David and Julie Zalkind

Lead Actor
James and Esthy Adler
Irwin Arias and Lyuba Vaerticovski
Ann and Dave Benson
Peter A. Bieger
Thomas E. Booth
Marcus Brown and James Lung
Daniel and Barbara Cox
Allen Haid and Sandra Cummins-Haid
The Dimick Foundation
Mark and Pamela Fiumara
Gary and Loretta Harris
Judy Honig
Hans G Kaper
Erna and Michael Kerst
Burgess Levin and Mary Saily
Kristie Miller
Keith and Karina Mosser
Mark Perry and Adele Mouzon
Richelle Ogle
Richard Norland and Mary Hartnett
Savada-Stevenson Family
Kay and D. Cragin Shelton
Cal Shintani
Lisa Smith
Michael and Sharman Stephens
Jan Paul and Ellen von Seggern-Richter
Constance Zimmer

Supporting Actor
Dean F. Amel
Jerrilyn Andrews and Donald Hesse
Amy Ballard
Alan and Kyle Bell
Jere and Bonnie Broh-Kahn
Kathy Buto and Tom Korns
John Chamberlin
Benjamin and Eva Cohen
Mary Ann Cohen
Ryan Danks and Ariel Hayes
Carol Dunahoo
Cathie and Fred Fagerstrom
Tracy Fisher
Elena Furman and Efrem Osborne
James R. Golden
Lia Gorgiladze
Suzanne Grinnan
John and Meg Hauge
Gary Hendricks and Hector Huitz
Valeska Hilbig and Tom Huizenga
Silvia M. Hoop and Alfred Kammer
Lynne and Joseph Horning
Keith Howell and Suzanne Stalls
Marc and Mary Hutchinson
Robert Kimmins
Dana and Ray Koch
Wesley MacAdam
David and Jane Mann
Julia B. Marshall
Mitzi Peterson
Lutz Alexander Prager
Julie Rios
Richard Tucker Scully and Lee A. Kimball
Emil and Judith Sunley
Dean Trackman andd Joanne Uyeda
Tessa van der Willigen
Susan Volman

Christer and Mireya Ahl
Adele Baker
Michael Barrett
James Beale
David and Peggy Beers
Bruce and Mary Blanchard
Timothy William Carrico
Wallace Chandler
Susan and Peter Bowman
Nadine Cohodes
Kathy Crittenberger
Nancy DeKieffer
Richard and Diana Dowell
May Lee Eckley
Edward and Annette Eliasberg
James, Elizabeth, and Katie Falcone
Margaret Gaffen
Matthew Gamser and Anka Zaremba
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Edward F. Gramlich
Doris and Mark Greene
Hasnas Family
Robert Hutchinson
Samuel S. Jackson
Juan Febles and Melbourne Jenkins Jr.
Marilyn M. Jones
Helen Kenney
Regina M. Lee
Ron and Susan Lehman
Tracy Lush and Jane Quenk
Winnie MacFarlan
Donald Adams and Ellen Maland Adams
Huma Malik
Nathan Musick
Winkle Williams Nemeth
Nonna Noto
Kathleen L. Paliokas
Christy Pino
Jane Quenk and Tracy Lush
Judith Rivlin
Bella Rosenberg
Eric Sanne and Judy Rivlin
Geoffrey Seeley and Carolyn Mark
Arlene Farber Sirkin and Stuart Sirkin
Carl W. Stephens
Allison Stockman
Erica L. Summers
Bruce and Anna Szmajda
Peter E. Threadgill
United Way of the National Capital Region
Sandra G. Widmark
Susan Yamada
Gail Yano



Eleanor J. Allen
Julee Allen and Laurence Kent Jones
Fatima Ast
Ted Baird and Claudia Phelps
Diane Baker
Sharon Barry
Diana Becher
Julia Belcher
Alan Berg
Mary C. Blake
Robert Bobowski
David Bradley
Margaret Breida
Gary Marker and Ann Brody
Bruce Adams and Kalyn Bruin
Candice Bryant
Jeffrey and Teresa Buczacki
Wells Burgess and Jacqueline Lussier
Robert and Penelope Burt
Rayelenn S. and Stephen C. Casey
Carol Cataldo
Gerry Chapman
Michael Cline
Maria Coica
Deborah Lynne Connor
Thomas M. Corwin
James Ebbitt
Arlene Edwards
Seth and Marion Eisen
Karl Ensign
Olga and Dimitry Faynerman
Brian Florence and Jill Bradbury
In memory of Christopher Arnold
Alfred Friendly
Carol Fuller
Mary Gaitan
Carol Galaty
Mark and Ellen Goldberg
Julia Bosky and Val Golovskoy
Nana Gongadze
Arthur Gosling
Robert Goulder
Joan Grimbert and Robert Smarz
Anne Harrison
Azura Hassan
Kaye Ann Hellmich
Margaret F. Hennessey
Brooke Higdon
Kristin Hirsch
Justin Hopkins
Christopher Ingram
Nancy Jerdan
Fred Jones
Edward Kenney
Sean and Karen Lynch
Claire P. Peachey
Stephen Kopp
Andrew and Brodi Kotila
Alla and Igor Krupnik
Alla and Gary Lake
Douglas Lanier
Irene D. Lasota
Michelle Lauzon
In memory of Don Mahley
Paul and Katie Levit
Carolyn Lichtenstein
Denise and Alex Liebowitz
Benjamin Lightman
Alpha Lillstrom
Laura Little
Cambria and Indy Lyness
Heather MacDonald and Patrick Savage
Mark and Leigh Maier
Dorothy Marschak
Jeanne Massey
Melissa and Todd McCracken
Sandy McKenzie
Stephen Merrill
Erin Meyer
Kathleen Milton
Bill and Diane Moody
Dennis M. Moore
James Morr
Lawrence Moss
Thomas Nelson and Pamela Hawley-Nelson
Nicholas and Louisa Newlin
Judith Nowak
Margy Nurik
Joseph J. O'Hare and Wallace F. Beard
Mauri Osheroff
Emeline Otey
Marion Ott
Elizabeth Crewson Paris
Bill and Cathy Pastor
The Pew Charitable Trust
Carol Pickens
Dean Pilarinos
Cathy Pollack
George J. Prosnik
Annette Puente
William Ragen and Barbara Shulman
David and Amelia Ramer
Malcolm and Katherine Richardson
Cory Amron and Curtis Ritter
Dugan Romano
James Rorke
Annmarie and Emma Ruckh
Stacy and DeLaine Russell
M. Samardzija
Bill Savedoff and Amy Smith
George Schmitt
Dylan Sexton
Cara Lea Shockley
Irwin L. Singer
Kathleen M. Smith
Corinne Smith
Deborah Smith
Donald and Catherine Smith
Richard Smith
Hossein Sorurie
Lynn Soukup
Catherine N. Srygley
Kurt and Faith Stern
Anne Marie Stratos
Joanna Sturm
Lori and Michael Sullivan
Joanne and Robert Swan
David Tannous
The Woman’s Club of Arlington
Tamie Tobe
Ray and Barbara Vanderbilt
Katya Vert
Jennifer Werba
Alexandra Kent Wigdor
Marilynn Wilson
Thomas Wisnowski
R. Cameron Wolf
Meera Wolfe
Edith Wolff
Eric Zicht and Jennifer Kirkpatrick










Every effort has been made to ensure that this list is accurate and up-to-date. If your name is misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us at 703-824-8060 Ext. 110, so we may correct the error.