Synetic Studio’s Kids Program is all about action! Active imaginations, active bodies, and active kids! Our signature style of physical theatre blends gymnastics, dance, improvisation, mime, and acting into a one of kind learning experience that engages students verbally, physically, visually, and intellectually. Students learn to create something out of nothing and in a collaborative, inclusive, encouraging environment.

Research shows that education in the arts develops critical thinking skills, offers important lessons in team work and collaboration, helps students to understand themselves and others better, and builds confidence by developing new skills while providing students with the tools necessary to better express their own ideas. Theatre arts education helps students discover new ways of creating associations to school subjects and improves their ability retain and apprehend knowledge.


We also offer Spring Break and Summer Camps for Kids! Click here for more info!




Registration for Fall classes for kids will be available in early June 2016.


Current schedule:

Elementary Adventures in Acting: Puppetry (Ages 6 to 9) – Teacher: Natasha Mirny
Mondays 5-6pm


Students explore puppet theater, where characters can be created out of anything – spoons, pillows, socks and even our own body. In our magic world hands dance with feet, shoulders play soccer with noses and left ears argue with right knees! Using drama, music, movement and visual arts activities we create stories, sets and puppets; and we invite parents to our open classes in the end of each session, where we all become part of one big puppet show.


Elementary Adventures in Acting: The Three Musketeers  (Ages 6 to 9) – Teacher: Tori Bertocci
Saturdays 9-10am
(No classes May 28th, Memorial Day Weekend)


This spring students explore the luxurious, majestic and secretive world of 17th Century France as they dance with fans and swords, design castles and keeps, and write their own adventure fit for the ambitious D’artagnan and his three friends-the swashbuckling Athos, Porthos and Aramis.  Using theatre games, improvisations, story construction, costuming and prop design, young artists put their imaginations into action while developing body awareness and discipline through physical theatre exercises in mime, dance, and tumbling.

“All for one and one for all!”



Middle School Foundations: The Three Musketeers  (Ages 10 to 12)  – Teacher: Tori Bertocci
Saturdays 10 – 11am 
(No classes May 28th, Memorial Day Weekend)


Study the fundamentals of acting based on traditional training methods with an emphasis on physicality that develops stage presence, confidence and the understanding of acting as a craft. Each student is provided with individualized instruction, promoting continuous learning and growth within the physical theater art form.